ROADRUNNER/Wil E. Coyote TIMEA)0:00 Intro, both runningB)0:20 WEC off cliff in cloud, grabs punctuation, goes down (boomC)1:00 WEC with pole vault stick, spins around, hits cliff, becomes like copter, stops in mid air, falls (boomD)2:00 WEC on rocket,  it goes off, he goes down (boom)E)2:25 WEC with safe on rope/pulley, it falls, pulls him, hits ledge, both fall, (boomF)3;17 WEC on rocket, goes down, (boomG)3:34 WEC with firecracker in discus, tail burningH)4:20 WEC with rocket, it goes off, he goes down (boom)I)4:36 WEC with giant fly paper, itJ)5:02 WEC with rocket, lights himself, goes off with rocket, curves down, pauses, goes down (boom)K)5:43 WEC with explosive tennis balls, hits one, he floats hits another off cactus, hits box (boom)L)6:48 WEC and RR through giant pipe, become smaller, make sound,then go back, RR beeps at endtape pause/scramble....M)8:35 WEC on wire with anvil, falls, no parachute (boom)N)8:58 Box with TNT around water, O)9:43 Into old cactus mine, with caps, into explosive roomP)11:01 Giant mousetrapQ)11:09 rocket sled, goes up and firecrackersR)11:26 rocket roller skates , then off cliff, up cliffs, etc... ends with waterS)12:41 RR crossingT)13:29 both in cloud, WEC fallsU)14:15 camouflage hole, jack hammer 15:03 WEC builds wall, WEC sees self around wall, hurts selfV)16:05 bird seed below bumble beesW)16:27 birdseed below anvil, WEC fallsX)16:50 mountain top slideY)17:09 WEC with catapult, rockZ)17:25 WEC with harpoon, never stops   ROGER RABBIT and Baby Herman: in "Somethin' Cookin'"AA)0:17 BH with baby bottle of milk in cribBB)0:47 BH squeezes out of crib, across floorCC)1:07 BH climbs up dresser drawersDD)1:13 BH turns on stoveEE)1:16 RR tries to run on rugFF)1:22 roller pin drops, RR slips on itGG)1:32 pot falls loudly on RR's headHH)1:39 RR into ovenII)1:42 BH balances on floating dishesJJ)1:46 BH sees clockKK)1:53 BH turns on water, spills it and soap from sink onto floorLL)1:57 RR comes smokin' out of oven, goes around room in circleMM)2:06 RR slips on soap, hits door, pushes baby onto clockNN)2:19 RR slips on soap into wall socket for a shocking experienceOO)2:23 crack in wall causes kitchen stuff to loudly fall on RRPP)2:29 BH swings on clockQQ)2:32 chili causes RR to go across room, hit ironing boardRR)2:38 BH swings form shelf to shelf, knives fly across roomSS)2:45 knives hit RRTUT)2:49 plunger from toaster hits RRU)2:51 BH slips on toastVV)2:57 plunger pulls RR across roomWW)3:00 RR fills up with air from vacuum, starts expanding, risingXX)3:08 RR releases air, flies around roomYY)3:19 RR hits fridge, BH fallsZZ)3:31 RR sees birds (not stars)        

NAMES  In groups   1) Observe the two cartoon segments (RoadRunner and RogerRabbit) Write next to each physics concept (you may not be able to find them all) the letters from the scenes in the cartoons where you could identify the concept/principle or law being portrayed accurately.  Circle the scene letter where it was portrayed inaccurately.  Write a word or two next to the letter ONLY if you think it will be needed to explain why you picked that.               Then: Pick at least 5 (2 people) to 7 (3 people) scenes (or sequence of scenes, if that makes more sense). Make sure they cover a range of topics. Write at least a paragraph for each one explaining the physics concepts that you see portrayed in the scene, especially those that are portrayed accurately and inaccurately.  In your explanation, explain what quantities  physicist might measure and calculations they might make in order to determine the principles and properties shown.  Diagrams or pictures are OK.  You may work on this together in or out of class, but must be handed in by the beginning of the exam.  
PHYSICS PRINCIPLES: Newton's First Law of Motion (Inertia)   Newton's Second Law of Motion (F=ma)  Newton's third Law of Motion (action/Reaction)  Force of Friction proportional to Normal Force  Projectile Motion as two motions (gravity, speed)  Conservation of Momentum in collisions  Elastic/Inelastic Collisions  Kinetic and Potential Energy  Conservation of Energy/Types of Energy  heat vs temperature  First Law of thermodynamics (work, heat) Second Law of thermodynamics (entropy) specific heat heat of fusion/vaporization in phase changes  Gas Laws, Volume and temperature  Work and Simple Machines/Mechanical Advantage   Electricity: Current/Voltage  Volume and pressure  Density  Pascal's Principle (pressure constant)  Bernoulii's Principle  Simple harmonic Motion/Oscillators  Wave Interference  Wave Diffraction  Resonance/resonant frequency  Natural Pitch in objects  closed pipe/open pipe resonators harmonics Doppler Effect  beats  Centripetal Force  Circular acceleration/motion  Conservation of angular momentum Light refraction Light reflection