NAME(S)                                                                               PHYSICS


Use your review sheets, book, course outlines or even internet resources to help answer these questions:

(for internet resources, a good place to start would be or ) or

(Search for “LAB” to recall all the fun labs we did!)


Make sure you use specific examples, rather than an overall opinion.

Cite your resources, website, etc…

Write your answers in a file that is saved in the USERS:Physics folder with your name as the title of the document: (or hand in a paper)


Out of all the labs and or projects we have done this year, describe and explain how at least THREE of them taught you ideas or concepts that you think best apply to real life situations.


What could an average citizen use the physics ideas in the activity for?














List  and explain some (at least 2 to 4) examples of how physics can be applied to issues in society, in other words, how can you used physics to analyze the possibilities and limitations of science and technology in order to make and defend decisions about societal issues?