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WELCOME TO Science !!!


- Every student will be THINKING while doing science in class and at home.

-Students will come prepared to class: Work, notebook, writing tools, other tools.

-Students will always RESPECT the right of others to learn, and the teacher to teach.

-Students will follow class standards for work, neatness, behavior, involvement, courtesy, and safety. 


     a) WRITTEN WORK: Written homework may go with reading, or may be separate. Students should expect to have some sort of written homework an average of 30 minutes every night, usually based on classwork and that will require thinking. Homework should be ready to hand in or be checked in class on the due date posted. It is important that each student do his/her own work! Homework and classwork will be graded, usually check minus, check, or check plus, on neatness, effort, and content. Everything done in class counts, ALWAYS!

       b) LATE/MAKEUP POLICY:   

        Because the work that students do IS the process of learning, it should always be done fully and on time. Although there may be reasons a student has not completed the work satisfactorily, this is not the same as a valid excuse, such as an unforeseen medical emergency. 

          Any homework that is late will be accepted only before the assignment has been passed back to the class, (about a week maximum) but should always still be completed, especially before the unit assessment. Late homework will be marked down accordingly. (about one letter grade per school day)

           Students who are absent for any reason are responsible for all work assigned, as soon as possible. IT IS UP TO THE STUDENT TO ASK FOR WORK MISSED. Students at school functions, but not in class are still responsible for homework. Groupwork is not accepted late without penalty unless one member of a group has made arrangements with the teacher ahead of time.

-WRITING,MATH- Science is a subject that will use the skills developed in other courses. Students are responsible for using all proper rules of writing when assigned essays, including grammar and spelling. Students are responsible for using proper math skills in solving problems and analyzing data. A scientific calculator is recommended for class every day, and physics students are very strongly encouraged to bring a TI-83 graphing calculator. (TI-82,83,85,86 are OK)

     -NOTEBOOKS: It is very important that each student keep an organized notebook with class notes, handouts, lab reports, quizzes, and passed back papers for the current unit dated and kept neatly in order. It is strongly recommended that each student always have a neat three ring binder science notebook with pockets and plenty of fresh paper. (Pens and pencils would help as well!). Notebooks will be checked and graded as classwork from time to time.

Behavior: Students are expected to follow all school rules, including those about language, tardiness, food/gum, hands off, vandalism as well as courtesy and respect. Hands off all equipment and materials is especially important in a science classroom, as well as following all teacher directions promptly.

Infractions will be given a warning, then detentions, then phone call home and office referral. Arguments about consequences will NEVER take place in class. Students may be removed from class for reasons of safety or to allow the rest of the class to continue

-Class rules for THERRIEN will be discussed, but involve Thinking, Helping, Effort, Respect, Restraint, Instructions, Efficiency, and Niceness.-

LABS:    There will be lab activities very often, and are a major part of class. The conduct and effort of each student during labs is part of the grade, as well as group skills. Some labs may require extra investigative work to be done at home! All labs will have written work to be handed in either the following day, or several days after. Lab work is the major source of learning in science and should be done efficiently and cooperatively. The written work must be done satisfactorily in order to receive credit for the class.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is important in science. Students are expected to strive to be in class on time and prepared to work with the teacher and other students. Lack of attendance of a group member may hurt the group’s efficiency and grade. Students who know they are going to be out for any reason should work with their group and the teacher ahead of time. Missed work should be made up as soon as possible on the student’s own time.

 -TESTS: Tests are given to determine the mastery of a whole unit or topic before going on to the next. They will usually last at least the whole period and will be about 40-50 questions of all different types, including lab activities. There will be usually two or three tests in a marking period.

-Other types of performance based assessment activities may be used throughout the year to test science concepts, skills, and processes. All assessment activities, including quizzes, labs, tests, and projects, are designed to be informative and all expectations are made clear. 

    -SPECIAL PROJECTS: There may be special projects assigned about once a quarter. This will involve doing independent or group work and/or research outside of the normal classroom work. Students should pace their work on the project, not only to have plenty of time to complete the project, but also to get the teacher's feedback.

     GRADING: The letter grade at the end of a typical quarter will be based on:

Homework/Classwork                             =30 %

Labs                                         = 30%

Tests/Quizzes    (about 2 per quarter)                     = 1 Test       = 12%

                                                          = 1 Test       = 12%

    Quizzes                    = 1 Test    = 12%

Project (s) (one per quarter)                          = 1 Test       = 12%

    Class Participation is also averaged in at about 4 percent of the total grade. This includes classroom discussions, and conduct, as well as lab work and techniques.

    Please remember that grades are only one indication of learning and are based on individual progress as well as comparative evaluation. Self-assessment may be included as part of the grade. Students will be informed as to their current grades about 3 times a quarter, and progress reports will be given to each student. It is important to focus on making sure that mastery of the skills and concepts remains the primary goal, rather than a specific grade.

ACADMIC HONESTY: Students are expected to use each other to help, BUT homework and labs are individual unless stated otherwise. NO plagiarism or falsifying of lab data will be accepted.

GROUPWORK: Science students and physics students often work in groups, either self assigned or assigned by the teacher. Students are expected to share the workload of everything equally, and work cooperatively. High school seniors are expected to be able to work out issues themselves, but need to be in constant communication with their group members and the teacher in order to maximize learning

-EXTRA HELP: Science is mostly a subject in which the student discovers facts and processes of the physical world. The teacher is there as a guide to help the student at every step of the way. In order to help this process students are encouraged to:    Ask questions appropriately in class or during activities.

  Make appointments for extra help before or after school, or during lunch or a free period.

You are guaranteed at least five uninterrupted minutes of time for any reason to discuss any issues DURING those times!


    -PAY ATTENTION!! Think! Concentrate! Don't Give Up! 

    -ALWAYS READ DIRECTIONS!!!! Directions for activities and assignments will usually be printed on a piece of paper or on the board. Never start something until you make sure that you have all the directions and that you understand them.

     -KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!!! Assignments and due dates will usually be put on the board, and the back calendar every day. The website ALWAYS has up to date assignments and work. USE IT! Keep up with work and learning.