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Roller CoasterBlood, Sweat & Tears3:24
Ferris WheelNext Big Thing3:51
RollercoasterEverything But The Girl3:13
On A CarouselThe Hollies3:11
Life Is A RollercoasterUnknown Artist3:51
Sick Cycle CarouselLifehouse4:23
Ferris Wheel SongMarina Lazzara3:48
CarouselWill Hoge3:38
Roller Coaster by the SeaJonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers2:08
Carousel ManCher3:05
First Time on a Ferris WheelSmokey Robinson & Syreeta4:18
CarouselCrooked Fingers2:36
Roller CoasterBlink-1822:48
CarouselRachel Sumner3:09
Love Roller CoasterLost Continentals2:13
Ferris WheelDonovan4:17
Fantastic Roller CoasterRobb Benson3:32
Roller Coaster RideD.C. & Co.3:15
Merry Go RoundDonut Kings5:27
Roller CoasterThe Animal Band3:18
CarouselJeff Davis and the Confusionists4:09
Carousel RideSean Hughes3:51
Spinning wheelBlood Sweat and Tears4:05
Ferris WheelPernice Brothers4:40
Carouselsthe august4:21
Ferris WheelRick Summer Droit3:15
On a CarouselThe Jigsaw Seen3:49
CarouselHousehold Names2:57
Ridin' the Roller CoasterFather Bingo1:57
Merry Go RoundMauk3:49
ferris wheelTania Zeppo3:48
Merry Go RoundHollow3:11
Ferris WheelThe Few4:18
Roller CoasterPastor Brad3:31
Ferris WheelMatilda Catches Fire3:21
Roller CoasterBucho!4:07
CarouselDavid Norris, Rich McCulley4:44
Like a Merry Go RoundLuminous3:01
Merry Go RoundSilver Sunshine4:57
Roller Coaster TwistThe Saddle Tramps2:03
Ferris WheelPeepHole7:30
Ferris WheelDave Potts4:43
Roller CoasterGypsycho4:27
CarouselDeanna Kirk5:10
Roller Coaster (Single)Little Walter2:56
Merry Go RoundDead Blonde Girlfriend3:45
Roller CoasterJamie Shaheen2:33
Roller CoasterBrent Lamb3:47
Merry Go Round The Monkees1:44
Ferris WheelMarnie Mains4:09
Merry Go Round (Take 2, Master Version With Studio Talk/Remix)Fleetwood Mac4:19
Ferris WheelAndy Hawk3:24
RollercoasterUnknown Artist5:04
Merry Go Round PolkaAlex Pulaski & The Polka Dots2:58
Roller CoasterMali Woods2:53
The Merry Go Round Broke DownJimmie Lunceford2:52
Ferris WheelWynn-Anne Rossi3:13
Roller Coaster RideAmerican Death Ray3:46
Merry Go RoundBrandon Rhyder3:53
First Time on a Ferris WheelNancy Wilson4:26
Love Roller CoasterThe Lost Continentals2:07
Merry Go RoundBaby Woodrose2:25
Ferris WheelRachael Sage4:04
Roller Coaster RideJim Santanella2:48
Bahama Roller Coaster RideBaha Men3:31
Honky Tonk Merry Go RoundPatsy Cline2:22
Roller CoasterRed Bacteria Vacuum3:44
Ferris WheelThe Snuggle Ups2:29
Merry Go RoundLynch & Knill3:41
Roller CoasterThe Memphis Horns & Bruce Channel4:59
Roller CoasterThe 13th Floor Elevators5:08
Merry Go RoundVanilla Trainwreck5:26
Ferris WheelWaiting for Isaac7:01
Merry Go RoundMi And L'au3:04
Ferris WheelBenji Cossa0:25
Roller CoasterThis Busy Monster2:24
Top of the Roller CoasterDavid Wilcox2:45
Carousel of LoveJane Olivor2:29
Roller CoasterThe Partridge Family2:23
Give Me A Ride (Roller Coaster)REO Speedwagon3:54
Roller CoasterTony Lucca3:21
Ferris WheelJill Sissel4:59
Roller Coaster RideJudy Welden3:31
Roller CoasterThe Wrights3:43
Carousel DubTexas2:06
RollercoasterRed Hot Chili Peppers4:35
Roller CoasterX is X4:06
Merry Go RoundAthena Reich2:39
Ferris WheelRachael Sage4:05
Roller Coaster HeartStan Allen3:27

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