Circular Physics investigations with Web, Interactive Physics:

This page found at:

or (from school) X:\\Physics\physics\circularphysics.htm




0) Finish anything interesting from last time Especially ripple tank and circular motion

Wave observations: waveobserve.htm simulations found wavesims.htm

 to investigate the phenomena of waves waveinteractions.htm


Remind yourself of the relationship between circles and waves with



Vary length and mass to see the effects on circular motion with



       Take notes (IN WORD OR ON YOUR OWN PAPER!)

on each site to make sure you understand the concepts of:


Circular motion = wave= periodic motion 1WL=λ=2πr


Angular vs. linear velocity


Angular vs. linear acceleration


Centripetal acceleration = v2/r and centripetal force (towards the center)


2)INTERACTIVE PHYSICS: (only at school).. use to demonstrate each (see page in X:\Physics\physics\CircMotionFiles\index.htm or


3) Begin reading Chap 10 (Circular Motion) for notes Fri/Monday. Tue prepare for LakeC!


Use these web sites

°Circular motion tutorials at:


All of Lesson One

All of Lesson Two

And even Roller Coaster Physics at:


Make sure to answer the quiz questions and also see the animations at:

 including :


         (Don’t worry about lessons on orbits)


°Try and observe Experiment (Java Sim) of a carousel




Why are the net forces at A & B on the Ferris Wheel equal?


Which correctly shows how the ball breaks from the string? (A-E)


Circular motion on a string applet

Explain why animation 1 is the correct answer for a car that accelerates in a circle, up to a constant speed halfway through.


How do you get the centripetal acceleration for the rotating puck at


°Explain what is happening at



°Amusement Park Physics








Go through all the rides, especially:

Roller Coaster,

Design a coaster


Make sure you do the bumper cars