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Today:    Review:

              How do we describe circular motion?


What causes objects to move in a circle?


How can we calculate acceleration?


Why is there no such thing as centrifugal force?








       Finish Circular Motion Discovery Lab



              Concept Sheets


Tomorrow:     Review free fall, make amusement park equipment.

Reminder:      Leave 8:15 am Thur, bring own lunch and money, Mr. T assigns busses, weather looks good so far!



Circular Motion Discovery Lab


Swing a mass on a string around in a circle, while being held by another mass:










Vary the hanging mass/weight, swinging mass, and circle radius. (3 each)

Use the hanging mass to calculate the centripetal force (weight).

Use the circumference and the period to calculate the linear velocity.


Find the relationship between velocity and force. (same mass, radius)

Find the relationship between radius and velocity. (same weight, mass)

Find the relationship between mass and velocity. (same weight, radius).




Hang  Swing         Total  Circle          OneRev       Centr                       Linear

Mass  Mass  Time  Radius                  Period                  Force Circumference          Velocity